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Next Meeting August 25, 2016 at 6 pm
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We would like to introduce you to our neighborhood association  --  the South East Side Community Association, commonly known as SESCA. While there are smaller groups on the south east side such as the Kenmore Association, we are the only Official group and this is the only Official website representing the South East Side of Warren Ohio
We are incorporated thru the State of Ohio and recognized by the City of Warren.
Please click each of our pages to learn what our organization has done and is looking to do in the future. Our society has glorified "The Hood". We are trying to put the NEIGHBOR back in the HOOD.



Also please scroll down the entire page to view all of our sponsors. These businesses are listed on the left side panel of every page and their advertising link opens to their website in a new window. Please review our sponsor's websites and patronize their business. They are your neighbors and our valued partners. We would also like to thank each sponsor for their support of our organization and the South East Side.